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Windows Phone 8 – ETW Events Sample

Download Sample

This sample goes with the ETW for WP8 HOWTO.

Usage Instructions

  1. Extract the zipped file
  2. Open the solution in an elevated Visual Studio and build


Points of Interest

A few points that may be interesting to browse in the source code:

  1. PhoneDirect3DXamlAppComponent.cpp::Draw – see code for checking if an event is enabled as well as using a custom template event
  2. App.xaml.cs – see code for registring and deregistering the provider

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darenhoff Jul 21, 2014 at 6:48 PM 
I just can't understand why the GAC update is not available along with the tool when it is needed? I am getting frustrated trying updating WPPT but can't as it says Microsoft.SmartDevice.Connectivity version is needed in GAC....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!